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Effective immediately our current pricing structure for recording requests is outlined below:

Fees for searching, researching and copying the recordings of all calls requested – $28 per hour. Print outs of the CAD pages are 10 cents a page.

Per Missouri statute 610.026.1(1) when records are requested of other media, or non-standard paper copies, (such as the audio recordings) the fee shall reflect the actual cost involved. The actual cost would include the employee time used to search, research, and copy the records. This provision also requires that the public governmental body use the lowest salaried employees capable of searching, researching, and copying the records. Section 610.026.1 provides a limit of ten cents per page fees for creating paper copies. Section 610.026.1(2) provides that records which are maintained on a computer shall not exceed the average hourly rate of pay for staff required for making copies and the cost of the disk, tape, or other medium used for the duplication. Neither of these sections allow a per record amount to be charged.

911 Recording Request forms can be submitted to [email protected] when a records request is needed. The public should use the “Records Request For Public” and all law offices and law enforcement should use the “Records Request For Responders”.

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