Congratulations Annabelle for being named JCCD’s Employee of the year!

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Congratulations Annabelle for being named JCCD’s Employee of the year!

Annabelle received numerous nominations from her coworkers, and we want to share what her coworkers had to say about her.

Annabelle has been training almost nonstop this past year. She has had to step up into a more responsible role and has done an amazing job with everything. She is very knowledgeable in her position and most times the person others turn to for guidance.

Annabelle is an example of an exemplary employee. Annabelle is kind and compassionate in everything she does from communicating with her team, a field unit, or a caller. She always arrives very early for her shifts and is ready to go by her scheduled start time. Annabelle picks up shift openings and will rearrange her hours however she can to help with coverage. On shift, she is a powerhouse! She is quick to the phones, pays close attention to everything going on in the room, volunteers for paperwork, and offers to help her team however she can! Annabelle has helped to train our newest recruits and other trainees previously. Annabelle has excellent multitasking skills and excels in her performance as a Telecommunicator.

Annabelle is a positive force of nature for dispatch and an amazing member of C-Shift. She has been helpful, kind, courtesy, welcoming, and someone who gets along with anyone who ventures onto our shift. Working with Annabelle is always a pleasure, and her presence makes C-Shift what it is, to say her leaving would be devastating would be an understatement; she is the hardest working person on the floor practically 100% of her shift every shift. She is open to new ideas, receptive to feedback, has an A+ in customer service on every call, and is the face of exemplary service. She made becoming C-Shift’s supervisor an easier transition than I ever could have hoped for, without her finding my footing would have taken much longer.

Annabelle is a star that any shift would be lucky to have, fortunately she is C-Shift’s star and well deserving of 2022’s Employee of the Year. Annabelle is the superstar of any team she is a part of. She consistently proves how knowledgeable and patient she is while also still somehow managing to complete her work at a near flawless level. I may not get to work with her often, but it really is a treat when I do. She is an inspiration to me; I strive to take the same energy she takes into her work with her every shift to my everyday life.

Although I do not work on Annabelle’s shift full-time, when I do get the opportunity to work with her, it is not hard to see the qualities that make her the best candidate for the 2022 Employee of the Year award. Annabelle is punctual. She makes sure she is at work early, which gives her fellow employees an ample amount of time to leave when their shift is complete. Annabelle is helpful. She will go out of her way to ask if anyone needs her assistance and is always the first one to volunteer for paperwork. Annabelle is a great mentor and assists in training many of our new employees. She is highly likeable, thorough, and has an abundance of knowledge to share. Annabelle is dependable. I remember one night I was so sick, and I messaged Annabelle to see if she could come in and cover for me. Without hesitation, she came in and I was able to go home and rest. Annabelle is confident in her position, which makes those around her trust and believe in her. She is someone everyone here at JCCD can count on and it is truly an honor to work alongside her.

I would like to nominate Annabelle because, alongside performing all the criteria listed above, she does more and goes above and beyond almost every shift. She is extremely punctual at work–she arrives 30 minutes early almost every day and makes sure she is there to relieve the previous shift. She always makes sure to keep up on her work responsibilities, whether that be paperwork, call-taking, dispatching, training, or more. Every shift she works she goes above and beyond and carries her shift in the most positive way. She is incredibly influential, positive, upbeat, and an overall great employee to have. Annabelle was my trainer for much of my call-taking and dispatch training, and she was so patient and made sure I knew what I was doing. She has a very ‘mothering’ aspect and makes everyone feel comfortable and never makes them feel out of place. I would not be the call-taker and dispatcher that I am without her by my side.

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